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MAPI32.exe locks at 99% CPU utilization in Microsoft Outlook 2000

Description of problem:

Outlook 2000.  When opened, mapisp32.exe would run, sit at a nominal 0% of the processor, and an 832kb memory utilization.  After approximately 20 seconds, it would grow from 1 to 99% CPU utilization, while the memory usage continued to grow.  To release the CPU, task manager had to be used to end the task.

In the Outbox, there was a single 'stuck' email message.  This could not be deleted, and attempting to open the stuck message, the error message "mapi spooler has already begun transmitting this message" is given. 

Possible reasons for this are 1) Damaged .pst file.  2) damaged Outlook Address Book. 3) Damaged profile.

Whether or not #1 is correct, the PST file will need to be replicated, due to the locked email in the Outbox.


Open Outlook 2000.  Kill mapisp32.exe. 
Go to 'file', then 'new'.  Select 'Personal Folders File (.pst)' at the bottom.
This creates a new personal folder.  Select each folder in turn (Contacts, Calendar, Inbox,
Sent Items, and so forth) and copy them to the new Personal Folder.

Upon completion, go to the new Personal Folder file, selecting Outbox.  Delete the message found there.  (not in the original Personal Folder).

Go to 'Tools', 'Services'.  (this is best done by closing Outlook, which will likely require an 'end task' from Task Manager - then right click on the Microsoft Outlook icon on the desktop).

In the Profile, you will likely see "Internet Mail" "Outlook Address Book" and two "Personal Folders".
Delete the first "Personal Folders" listing (this should be the original, bad, .pst file). 
Delete the "Outlook Address Book". Select "add".  Add "Outlook Address Book" back into the profile.

Click on the Delivery tab. Make sure that "Personal Folders" is in the drop down field.

Close the profile, then reopen Outlook. 
Outlook will tell you that the location for delivery has changed, and ask if you want it to rebuild the outlook shortcut bar. Do so.

With luck, you will have 1) no locked message in the Outbox, and 2) mapisp32.exe will behave itself. 

This has been written up because documentation is extremely sparse on this particular difficulty.   Microsoft seems to want to believe that Outlook, post Outlook 98, cannot have this problem.

Troy C. Belding
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